a teacher’s prayer

To God,

Who teaches in the world, a most profound classroom,

Through life, a most effective curriculum,

Bless this classroom.

May students come into a space of light radiating from my heart, originating in You,

A place of belonging, rooted in You,

A place of empowerment, growth, achievement, victory, confidence, freedom, joy.

Bless this classroom,

That my words may be empowering,

My lessons memorable,

My purposes clear and inspiring,

My presence hopeful,

And my character—especially when offended—gracious.

May the students who call this room home for a year

Be kind to one another, lifting up rather than tearing down,

Breaking through barriers rather than ignoring them,

Creating connections that transform each person who enters and learns here.

May great learning happen here…

But above that…may abundant love bloom here.