happy birthday Mom

Today my Mom would have been 76. She lived a big life. She drove a semi across state lines with no training, all for a bushel of nuts. She beat the sun up most days of her life. She drank her coffee with so much cream and sugar, it looked more like the remnant of a painter’s cup of cleaning water. She spent every Sunday morning doing all of our laundry. She gambled. First with pennies and quarters. But then as her bravery grew, so did the deposited coin. But always, always, she kept within her allotted budget. She went Read More

the art of transitions

There are some images that just resonate so deeply, they never fade. This 3 and 1/2 minute┬ávideo is one such image. Once the senses move past the the scantily clad woman, the stunning cityscape, and the soft sultry music, what is left is asana┬áthat is so captivating…it steals the breath. On my mat, I want to move like this woman. Not (just) because she is sleek and strong, but because there is not a singular pose visible in any of this. Rather it is a river of transformations, inhales and exhales that do not just move the body from one Read More