a guide to getting a job overseas

And thus, this post. How DID we do it? Nurture the adventurer within.¬†We have always been drawn to adventure. Before we married, Dave nearly up and moved out west by himself. When I graduated from college in December, we up and moved to Telluride with all of our belongings packed tightly in a Jeep (including the roof-top-vomit from our cat, whom we naively tried to sedate with Benadryl). We lived in a summer rental cabin, where we could see the snow falling outside through the cracks between the logs. We watched it fall as the electricity bill rose to $400–monthly. Read More


brazilian wax poetica

I remember it very clearly. I was sitting in front of the computer while Dave sat on our blue leather couch. With my approaching December graduation date from North Central, we were discussing what comes next. What do I do as a teacher who graduates in December? It’s awkward. It’s unfavorable. It’s ill-timed. And so, I uttered two dangerous words of adventure: what if? What if we move to Colorado? What if we work at a ski resort for the season? What if we just spend a few months playing? Those two words changed our lives. We moved to Colorado Read More