arrival journal: day four

For the last ten years in Colorado, my commute has been extensive. In Telluride, we had to drive roughly an hour over the Dallas Divide,  which literally took my breath away: both from the astonishing beauty and the sheer frightening anxiety of a snowstorm. In Evergreen’s foothills, my commute averaged about 45 minutes but could take two hours during snowstorms. When I think about how much time I’ve spent in the car over the last decade, it’s a bit depressing.

Today, however, I walked to school. Up hill. For less than 10 minutes. The birds were singing and the sun was playing hide-n-go seek with leaves and people were walking their dogs and my ass was burning from the climb. It was delightful. When Dave and I first considered potential neighborhoods, he was nervous about living near school but having nothing to do around him during his days off (#housebitchproblems). But…Morumbi has surprised us in the best way possible: greenery, parks, shops, malls, restaurants, markets, bars, and specialty shops abound within walking distance.

Today’s meetings were inspiration and instruction sewn together by the typical overwhelming thread of information overload. More and more as I settle into the school side of being down here, I find myself relaxing not just into comfort, but also excitement. The school’s clear focus on relationships resonates deeply with me, and I am starting to feel a growing sense of confidence that I will flourish here. As will my kiddos this year.

After PD time, our school’s PTA took us on field trips to the local mall where we shopped at a fancy grocery store that I would compare to Whole Foods. The moms were incredibly warm and helpful as we asked all kinds of questions like lost puppies let loose among the aisles. Dave and I bought some much needed pillows to boost the ones we have. And then we shopped for a platter dinner (wine, cheese, meats, olives, pickles, honey, crackers, and nuts; clearly we will not go hungry down here) that we enjoyed on our awesome balcony.

I am eager to nest: buy some homegoods, set up and organize, and share pictures/videos. But as soon as I think about doing all that, I freak out about all the school planning looming on the horizon.

Alas, welcome to the end of summer.





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