mindfulness in the classroom: for them, for me, for the world

This past summer, I took the course “Mindful Educator Essentials” from Mindful Schools. I knew from personal experience the power of mindfulness to steady myself, as well as to benefit students coming from traumatized backgrounds. But I was also looking ahead. My future students–now my current students–would largely represent the opposite demographics of my entire teaching experience: wealthy, advantaged, political, prominent. And those kiddos have parents in the same category. And with such privilege comes an enormous amount of weight: the strongest drive to get the best grades and the most extracurricular sports and activities to get into the elit-est schools. Just typing that sentence stresses me Read More


election day metta prayer

For the self: May I loosen in surrender May I linger in light May I laugh in joy May I luxuriate in love May I  live in peace.   For the other: May you loosen in surrender May you linger in light May you laugh in joy May you luxuriate in love May you live in peace.   For the community: May we loosen in surrender May we linger in light May we laugh in joy May we luxuriate in love May we live in peace.