Who Are We?

Dave and I met while in college at the University of Illinois. He will argue it was in the union. I know it was at a bible talk in one of the dorms. In June of 2002, we married in a beautiful church surrounded by our families and friends. He won’t argue that one; the license says so. And after this long in marriage, he has learned to let me be right.

From a young age, we have both been drawn to adventure and nature. We moved, like the crazy kids we are, from the Midwest mindset to the glories of Colorado. He spent his time working in outdoor recreation management, and I spent mine teaching the urban students who would grow to become like my own children.

But, despite a magical life, something called us outwards and beyond the borders of America. Now we find ourselves becoming expats in the city of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

How blessed are we.

Blessed indeed.